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more on that as we get it at the fox newschannel. thanks for watching. i'm megan kelly. "studio b" with shepherd smith. >> now, the conflicting reports of whether israel and egypt can reach a truce sometime today or in the near future. for now the deadly fighting does continue. it would appear. and an israeli soldier died today, the first time that has happened. more palestinians killed today and reports of grizzly executions today right in the middle of a busy gaza street. we have live team fox coverage. and more on an explosion that killed a couple in indianapolis. cops say it could be homicide. we will talk with a witness who spotted something strange before the blast. and why watch what you eat when you can drink the fat away? seriously? it is pepsi's new, quote, fat-fighting soda, unquote.
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too good to be true? we will report and you decide unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, a diplomatic push to stop the deadly battle. we are hearing now conflicting reports about whether a cease-fire may be coming. secretary of state hillary clinton is meeting with some of the key players in the conflict. we will have more on secretary clinton's trip. first, white house officials say the president spoke with the egyptian president trying to broker a truce. a rocket strike killed one of the soldiers marking the first israeli military death in the conflict. while health officials in gaza say the airstrike killed a militant and five others in gaza city. they say palestinian militants publicly executed six people suspected it of spying for israel. executed in the middle of a
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busy street. there are pictures of them dragging one of the bodies behind a motorcycle. the 6-day battle has reportedly killed 120 palestinians including dozens upon dozens of civilians as well as four israelis, three civilians. with that we begin team fox coverage. jennifer griffin at the state department. let's get to david lee mill who is live in -- david lee miller who is live. there is word israelis want to see if hamas can force a truce. can actually make one happen. >> that's very possible, shepherd. at this hour the future of diplomacy remains very uncertain. what i can tell you for sure is that this air war today did intensity. today alone the militants in gaza fired more than 150 rockets into israel. one of them landed outside of the city of jerusalem in a palestinianville lienal.
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additionally another -- palestinian village and another landed in a tel aviv suburb. there were light injuries there. meanwhile, the south also came under repeated attacks. >> early this evening there was a loud blast and a rocket fired from gaza penetrated the apartment house. this is what is left of the bathroom. you can see the window destroyed. here is some of the concrete sheared off. take a look here. we are on the fifth floor. below me is the fourth floor. the rocket made its way one floor below. miraculously no one was injured. the occupants of the house made their way to a safe room, and we are protected from the explosion. as for one of the owners of the home, he is an ambulance driver, a volunteer, and he was out helping others. did you ever think this would happen to you? >> all the time, all the time. i came in from the side to help the others.
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now today you can see -- today, they find me in my private home. >> and the israeli military strikes over gaza continue. in just the last hour we were told there was one dozen airstrikes. in total, 21 palestinians were killed. that includes three journalists and two children. they often operate in densly packed areas. the population does not have the benefit of an early warning siren system or bombshelters. and lastly, the death toll on the israeli side has increased today. the first fatality of a soldier hit by a mortar and now the death toll has gone up to a total of 5. the conflict intensities that might be a sign that a truce is near. each side wanting to get the best and last shot before there is some type of cease-fire. at this hour though, it remains unclear. >> david lee miller, thank
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you. the white house now says secretary of state clinton's emergency mission to the middle east builds on its efforts to keep the conflict from spinning further out of control. secretary of state clinton just landed there. i have just gotten word. she is to meet with israeli and arab leaders after cutting short her visit to asia. the u.s. reports it is a official ally of israel and supports israel's right to defend itself. but there are concerns about an israeli ground assault that could mark a dangerous escalation in this conflict. as i mentioned, secretary of state clinton is set to meet with netanyahu in jerusalem and then with palestinian officials in ramallah in the west bank before heading to cairo to meet with egyptian leaders. that would complete the triangle. jennifer griffin is at the state department. this was not part of the president's -- well, the president's so-called pivot to asia, jennifer. >> the middle east conflict as you and i both know has a way
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of pulling every administration back in. you remember that bill clinton as one of his last agenda items as president tried to come up with peace between the israelis and the palestinians. he failed. now secretary of state hillary clinton has left what was supposed to be her last trip with the president to asia. she made her way. she has just landed in jerusalem. she will meet tonight with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. she does not plan to meet with the palestinians. she will go to ramallah tomorrow . she will meet with president abbas. remember, abbas has little control over things in the gaza strip and little influence over hamas. she will then fly to egypt where she is slated to meet with the president tomorrow and her 5* ides say she -- aides say she will be in time there. >> what does she hope to accomplish there, jennifer? >> that's a good question. i just got off the phone with the israeli am ambassador.
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he says as of right now there is no agreement to a cease-fire in israel by the israelis in the gaza strip. there is no agreement right now. he said secretary of state hillary clinton's visit there is for diplomacy, but it is not as though she was called there to help them with a signing ceremony. he also told me that they are not interested in a short-term solution. they want a lasting peace. they expect for the underling root causes of this rocket fire from the gaza strip to be dealt with. but again it is not clear what hillary clinton is going to be able to accomplish in the next 24 hours. her aids say she is there to de escalate the situation. here is her spokesman, victoria new land. >> we are all hoping for an escalation. we are all hoping for a restoration of calm. we are all hoping to open space for deeper, broader conversations. that is obviously the goal we
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all share. >> what our bottom line is, we are open to any number of ideas for achieving that goal. >> our jerusalem team has got a little quieter in the skies over israel and coming out of gaza. it is not clear whether this 24-hour quieting at what they call the tadia in arabic has begun, but one thing you can say is that one of the last rockets that was aimed at jerusalem was hamas' way of saying that it still had longer range rockets. it is the missiles provided by most accounts from iranian component parts. >> and after the landing of hillary clinton, jennifer griffin at the state department for us. jennifer, as always, thank you so much. now we go to the director of the middle east program at the center of strategic and international studies. csi describes itself as a
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nonpartisan organization. >> with history as our guide it is hard to imagine they would send the secretary of state over there to speak with all three parties. waring and og to stop it if they didn't have something in the works. is that fair in -- is that fair? >> the cease-fire negotiations have moved to a fairly advanced state. especially if you hear the reports coming out of cairo and hamas which are basically saying the cease-fire is imminent. so far they are being a little more circumspect and are not ready to declare a cease-fire yet. but the secretary of state will be dealing with the israelis and the egyptians. not directly between the two waring parties. and it is an important distinction. >> she is visiting ramallah though, right? >> she is visiting ramallah. but abaas does not have plens -- but abbas does not
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have influence there. where the secretary can really make a difference is working with the egyptians. once the cease-fire agreement is signed, the egyptians are going to be the key to trying to rein in hamas. they will be the key to trying to protect the border and impose greater security controls on the border. so working with the egyptians is going to be very key here. >> let's move the ball forward a little bit. if this is the end of it, let's hope, but if this is the end of it at least for this chapter and what has become a very big book, if this is the end of that, what has hamas gained? well it gained pretty good word from its stand point, from the turks who said israel is a terrorist state. and you wonder what they may have gotten from egypt as well. >> from hamas' stand pont they have raised their stature. they have the arab league and the foreign minister of turkey visiting and gaza.
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that's a significant upgrade in terms of their international diplomatic relations. that's something that is very important to them. on the other hand they have also demonstrated they can fight the israeli army and they can launch long-range rocket attacks and threaten the population center. so those are two important gains for hamas. >> from the israeli side they were able to test their air defense system, the iron dome. and i guess they found vulnerabilities there that will be helpful. and further they softened up the southern flapping in the event of a broader war. -- flank in the event of a broader war. >> they are trying to rebuild their de tour wrens which they felt was eroded over the last year or so, over the last couple months. it is incredibly important when you look at the broader regional picture and the fight against iran. so strengthening in the deterrence is key here. and israel by launching the operation in gaza demonstrated
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not only to the militant groups in gaza, but to iran as well that despite the change in the geo politicallen viern mint -- environment they are willing to take risks and define their interests. >> and netanyahu has an election coming up and his poll numbers have sky rocketed, have they not? >> that's right. there has been overwhelming support in israel over this military operation. a lot less support for a ground invasion, but overall, israelis have a senses that this was -- have a sense that this was a necessary operation. they support their government in taking these military actions. >> as always, thank you. >> thanks, shep. >> we are just getting there. the man in charge of u.s. intelligence operations say his people were responsible for playing down the terror attack story in the benghazi consulate attacks. they are not buying it. it is a hot political topic, and we are all over it in washington. and a stern warning from the guy who decides monetary
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policy. he warns to avoid this fiscal cliff or things are going to get uh loss worse. we'll look at what lawmakers could cut to save dollars. cutting, see what you like.
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the nation's top intelligence officers answered the question who played down the terror link in the days after the attack? the director of national intelligence says it was his people in the intel community who took out references to terrorism. the white house did not do it. and not anybody in the administration. still, that answer is not satisfying some republicans as you might imagine. here is the back story. the government put out official talking points after the deadly consulate attack. the same talking points that susan rice repeated five times on sunday morning talk shows. the word is that's what they told her, so that's what she said. she said the attack was a response to that anti-islam film. officials now say it is a planned terrorist attack. it turns out somebody removed references to terrorism for those talking points.
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republican lawmakers demanded to know who made the change. today they didn't buy the explanation that we are hearing from the intelligence clapper. >> in thursday the classified session james clapper gave sworn testimony that they didn't know who was responsible for changing the so-called talking points on benghazi which critics say minimized -- minimized the role. they say it was the intelligence community that was behind those changes. the intelligence community made sub stan sigh changes before the talking points were sent to government agency partners. partners is a reference to the white house. the justice department and the pentagon and the fbi. the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee says, quote, it gives a new explanation that differs from information provided from testimony. and now they are demanding an immediate plan nation from clapper.
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we heard from a leading democrat who said the changes were made to protect the classification. they were not subject to any spin by the whoit house or ambassador to the u.n. it is high time we returned our focus to where it should have been all along. this new time line does not address another sig can't -- significant inconsistency. diplomatic agents were evacuated from the consulate to the airbase in germany. by september 14th, two days before ambassador rice's controversial sunday appearances, fbi agents learned from the consulate agents that there was no demonstration. this single data point that there was no demonstration gutted the anti-islam video theory. fox news asked the director of national intelligence why this information was apparently not included in the talking points, and there was no immediate response, shep. >> katherine, thank you. federal agents announcing they busted another terror plot. but the methods they have used
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cracking down on those cases are extremely controversial. so how far should the feds be allowed to go in an effort to prevent what they see as a national threat? does the constitution ever get in the way? that's next.
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there is breaking news on fox newschannel. this just in from the hamas side of the conflict which appears escalating. the hamas officials tells routers that the gaza truce was held up because israel has yet to respond to proposals. it says we must wait until tomorrow. one other matter of importance, and this comes to us from our own reporting from
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the israeli ambassador. the israeli ambassador says there is no cease-fire. the ambassador says israel is looking for a lasting solution and not a temporary cessation. hillary clinton is not simply arriving to put her i'm plant on an already agreed to cease-fire. she is there for diplomacy. now, you take that in whatever way you want, but history tells us, and analysts remind us that it would be outside the norm with history as our god for the secretary of state to jerusalem and ramallah and the egyptians if something weren't in the works. it would appear there is a slow down at least for now. maybe there is a 24-hour thing going. the fact is we don't really know and we are not sure anybody has their finger on the pulse. we looked at history to tell us when they start a barrage of rocket strikes from one side and the other. in other words getting their last shots in.
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they have reason to believe that something is about to slow down. they want to get out there and kill each other as much as they can. that's what they have been trying to do. now there is a slow down. we shall see. the secretary of state is on the ground. the feds say they busted four would be terrorists who plan to murder terrorists overseas. the men had all been living in southern california and they planned to join al-qaeda -- planned to join al-qaeda after studying internet lectures from the radical cleric who died last year in a u.s. air drone strike. according to prosecutors one of the men outlined his plans to target americans with a truck bomb saying he wanted to, quote, drive into the baddest military base. that if i am going to do that i will take out a whole base. this bust is the latest in which suspects are knowingly spilling their plans to undercover agents. and sometimes they even let them go through the motions of the attack and giving him things like fake bombs, we have seen them time and time
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again. the tactic holds up in court, but sometimes it gets criticism when the judge is overseeing the case. let's bring in the former director of homeland security in the state. he helped write the laws that heads the red land strategies which is a consulting firm that specializes in homeland security. we have seen this before. >> we have. >> somebody comes up -- not that they can or would be able to or have the connections or the weapons or the supplies to do it. if they say they want to do it they have a terror bust and have a pr event. >> is it as separational or operational? that's what the feds are charged with. when you do crime you have an event and you respond and you investigate and prosecute. here the feds have the duty, the mandate to go and prevent something from happening. when is the right time to go after these people? defining what terrorism is. i wrote the law in new york. how do you define the act of terrorism?
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it is not just violence. it is violence with an intent behind it. when you combine it with a need to prevent it from happening an incredibly difficult standard for the government. >> certainly a difficult standard. it is a caw nun drum as well. just because you want to do something doesn't mean ever under any circumstance will be be able to do it. if the feds give you fake bombs, you have them and you push a button and nothing happens. they have something. they have a trophy of sorts, but have they accomplished anything? >> they haven't, but they have shown this intent. >> have fbi accomplished anything? >> they are going after the issue of whether it was entrapment or not. they try to make sure they don't entrap people, but as you know when ever this is given to a jury or brought before a judge it is always upheld. nobody has been lead off as a result of this being a case of entrapment. one of the key come components is how far did the person want
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to go by themselves? how much was the idea planted in their head? many times what happens is these guys wanted to go. they were just looking for an opportunity. the opportunity presented itself, and they took it to the next level. >> critics would say and i heard this from the judge that they wanted to do it, and it doesn't matter if they couldn't get it done. and dhos -- those are the kind of people who are easy to get. the people who could not have done this under any circumstance no matter how much they president whatted to except the feds helped them. it is an easier get. it gives you one more notch to say we stopped another one. whether you did or not is really, really due for some scrutiny. >> you are absolutely right. case by case analysis, the guy in the federal reserve who actually pushed the cell phone to, what he believed detonate the bomb. actually farther along. the question of course how far do you let the guy go? >> he never got anywhere that guy. he did push the button, but
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everything he had gotten was from the feds. there was no indication he would be able to get those things without them. >> what they tried to do is say here. here is the explosives. here is how we will set it up. and now are you going to take it and go fooshed? forward? how do you identify these people. and then at what point is it appropriate to stop them? >> one of the other questions to ask is is it worth while to spend time on those that found the bombs and those who have the networks to get them from another country or terrorist organization. maybe time may be better spent on people who can actually do what they want to do rather than those who couldn't ever. >> that's an excellent point. if they are right here it is so hard to spot. >> it is a hard job. >> thank you, appreciate it. secretary of state clinton has arrived in israel. the stated goal is to broker a peace deal. but she will not be talking
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directly to the militant leaders of hamas. details of what is happening right now bottom of the hour, top of the news next.
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i'm shepherd smith. this is "studio b." it is the bottom of the hour and news is breaking right now. president obama's decision to send his top diplomat to the middle east starts a new level of involvement between israel and the hamas in the gaza strip i should say. secretary of state hillary clinton left directly from cam
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cambodia where at the time she was travel wght president. she is scheduled to meet with israeli officials in jerusalem and visit ramallah, but not visit with hamas which the united states considers a terrorist organization, but the duly elected government in the region. instead she will negotiate with the more moderate palestinian authority and with egypt which is working to broker a deal. the hope is to use egypt's influence tw -- with hamas to work out a deal. ed henry is live. egypt is playing a pivotal roll and it could give us insight as to what egypt is or is becoming. >> that's right. there is a question of trust and they do trust the new president. he is a member of the muslim brotherhood. that has lead to questions of trust. and also the fact that it has appeared that egypt in the fledgling government has been helping to insight violence in the region and not actually stop it. but what is interesting, it is amazing how a billion dollars in aid -- u.s. aid can get
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one's attention. you can see him playing a constructive role two days after threatening them. >> egypt, watch what you do and how do you it. you are teetering with the congress with your aide being cutoff if you keep inciting violence between the israelis and the palestinians. >> and interesting because it was just two months ago where president obama basically said he is not sure egypt is now an ally. here we are two months later. the president was on the phone with president morsey three times in the last 24 hours. they are enough of an ally that the president clearly needs them and relying on egypt at this moment. >> the focus right now on gaza. but the larger concerns are with iran. >> no doubt about it. when you talk to experts who have watched this region of the mideast and the violence that has played out so many years, they say particularly after the arab spring you can
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see al-qaeda and other extremist groups trying to take advantage of the situation. but the big issue is what is the beginning of a broader conflict. take a listen to the retired general. >> the problems in the middle east are slowly continuing. there is the rise of the radicals. they are taking advantage of the revolutionary change that is sweeping through the region. they were not the catalysts for. it but they are seeking the advantage from it. in the shadows is our number one national security challenged and that is iran. >> and remember there was so much talk over the summer about whether or not israel would launch a unilateral strike against iran on the each of the election that -- on the eve of the election. and the problem has not gone away. >> we will talk to you in a moment. many militants and civilians live side by side in the density populated territory of gaza. according to the cia world fact book, it is twice the
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size of washington, d.c., yet holds 1.1 million people from our nation's capital. the israeli military warned civilians to stay away from militants or risk getting hit. but many people in gaza say it is impossible because they claim nearly everybody has ties to the organization. the military monitors many of the border crossings, but hamas smuggles weapons as it always has. jonathon hunt with the news, and he is live at the united nations for us. lots of different ways to get these weapons in, jonathon. >> reporter: iran is the main supplier of the stockpiles. in particular the longer range missiles we have seen aimed at tel aviv and jerusalem. as for how those weapons get in there, the key geographically speaking is gaza's southern border. they sit on the southern border and underneath it running from egypt into gaza are a myriad number of tunnels
12:37 pm
through which the missiles are smuggled. they come originally from iran. they go to sudan and then up through egypt and then they are dismantled and taken through those tunnels and into gaza. they are then put back together by hamas' rocket squad. and the most sophisticated missal these now have are often fired from underground launch pads. that of course makes it far harder for the military to spot them. >> and if a ground invasion were to happen. that seems less likely than it did yesterday. it would be a different war. >> and it is less likely because netanyahu, the israeli prime minister does not want to have to do it. the israeli people are a lot less keen on any kind of ground war than they are supportive of this current air campaign. if you look at a fly over map of gaza city, you can see exactly why it is so densly packed.
12:38 pm
if you roll the tanks through those streets, they are in much, much greater peril. we saw it in 2006. the palestinians were building these sand berms. they man them with rpg's and they can take clean shots at the tanks that are armored. but they slow down the progress of the tank. that makes it easier to take some israeli casualty and it makes it far more likely that some israeli soldiers could face the threat of kidnapping. so it is not something pram minister netanyahu can do if he wants to avoid it. >> thanks, let's bring back ed henry. can you imagine they would send the secretary of state there? history tells us they wouldn't. >> i think you are absolutely right, shep. they don't want to send secretary clinton at the last minute into a mission that looks like it will unraffle or fail. they are obviously hoping that we are on the verge of a
12:39 pm
cease-fire. there are reports that we may see it as early as this evening. now the reports are suggesting that israel hasn't responded to the late ease offers and maybe it won't happen until at least tomorrow. nonetheless, the secretary of state is doing this shuttle diplomacy. they are hopeful in the white house that this will lead to a cease-fire. think about the big picture from this newly elected president who ran a campaign about the whichy and domestic issues. a resonding victory -- a resounding victory and national security and front and center wons again as it gets ready to begin a second term. it is a very, very difficult environment for this president and for this administration. especially since this whole national security team is about to turnover as well with secretary clinton stepping down. >> and jonathon politics involved over there as well. benjamin netanyahu was not having a good go of things. the iran thing was not playing well at all. you can argue all day about who started this.
12:40 pm
you can go back to the 67 borders and beyond if you want to, but the escalation happened at a time of political turmoil for netanyahu, and as a result his poll numbers are up and he looks like he is going to win. so you have that. >> you have to put all of this in the context of the upcoming election. of course prime minister netanyahu has tajen a hard line throughout his term. this is the first time he has ordered this kind of devastating airstrikes and threatened this kind of ground war. everything as it does here so often takes place against a background of domestic politics. you can't dismiss that. >> it is difficult for anybody to put all of this together. ed, the turmoil in the region is bubbling much more ferociously than you would think from reading newspapers and watching tv here. what is going on in jordan should be frightening to anybody who watches the geo political landscape here. there is turmoil in jordan and flare ups in lebenon.
12:41 pm
it is not over. >> it is not. you heard what the retired general said about iran which has been relatively quiet throughout all of this. waiting to make its next move as it moves closer to obtaining nuclear weapons. that's a huge concern for this newly re-elected president. and also let's not forget the crisis in syria. th has been going for months. the slaughter of its own people with the international community right now appearing to be helpless in terms of trying to stop it, shep. >> out of time. thank you both. we will be back as breaking news develops. there has not been an explosion in the region according to our own reporting and those are the sources with whom we are affiliated in more than an hour. so since before secretary clinton hit the ground there have been no explosions on either side. something is in the works. what is it first of all, and can it hold? these are matters we will have more insight in the minutes and hours ahead. stay with us. police are now saying the explosion that damaged dozens of homes in the united states
12:42 pm
in indianapolis was not an accident. wait until you hear the theories. investigators are looking at a case of murder. the major players in the case and what cops are saying about those major players. that's next.
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a quarter until the hour. cops are investigating an explosion as a possible homicide. you have seen this incredible video. this is last week in indianapolis. the blast leveled several homes and damaged some 80 other homes. 80 of them. a second tbraid teacher and her -- a second grade teachers ander and her husband died. the clues point to somebody sparking the explosion on purpose. this is a homicide investigation. the cops say they are now looking for a white van that witnesses reported seeing in that neighborhood. trace gallagher has the details. what do we know of this van? >> it was apparently in and
12:46 pm
out of the neighborhood, shep, for about three weeks. it was near the house that exploded. in fact, some people saw it just before the explosion. all police will say is that it is a white van with no windows. we just talked to the cops and we acknowledged that they do know more about the van than they are letting on, but they don't want to reveal the information because they want the public to help them confirm that information. police are also checking nearby businesses to see if there is some surveillance video that might have captured that van as it was leaving the neighborhood on the day of the explosion. >> so a lot of people are saying why would anybody do this on purpose? that leads us to information about the homeowners. >> yes, the people who own the home are divorced. they divorced a couple years ago. they are having financial difficulties. now the ex-wife lives there with her boyfriend and her daughter. none were home at the time of the explosion. the ex-husband says his daughter told him a few weeks ago that the furnace was broken and that she smelled gas.
12:47 pm
but then the ex-wife says no, the boyfriend fixed the furnace. now we know the boyfriend has a very long criminal record and has severe financial problems. but the lawyer the couple says, and i am quoting here, the two remain horrified at the tragic events, destruction and loss of lives that occurred occurred and have been cooperating with authorities since the return to indianapolis. we mentioned the financial difficult at thes and the couple who owns the house also filed for bankruptcy in 20011. >> doug joins us noy and he lives a few houses down from the one that exploded. he is the head of the neighborhood crime watch program. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> what do you know of the boyfriend? does it sound to you like a person of interest here? >> you know, i know that she had a new boyfriend this year. he did have i believe a white
12:48 pm
van. we had seen it parked in front of the house and the driveway. you never want to assume anything. we know very little about the boyfriend. >> it is interesting if i live down the street and cops say for a couple days days is sounded like maybe it was a furnace that acted up. they talked to a gas company for awhile and then to find out it was a homicide investigation. that would knock me down a little. >> well, i think the residents are sad. they are unhappy. like i told the media now they are mad this turned into a homicide investigation. saturday night we heard everything from an airplane had crashed, a drone missal hit a housend even the meteor. i was just trying to make light of the subject. i was trying to convince people there was an alien spacecraft. we really didn't know.
12:49 pm
the house -- the houses in that neighborhood just don't blowup. >> yes, and dmow now to are -- now to think two people have died in this and 80 homes damaged. if i am you and i have the neighborhood watch in place i have a lot of questions. are you getting any answers from the cops? i think the media has as much information as the residents do. the indianapolis police department and fire department have been there all week. they are really doing a very, very good job of trying to piece this thing together. we don't want to speculate. we don't want to throw our neighbors under the bus. that's not our position to do that. but like i said the houses houses in our neighborhood just don't go up like that with that kind of damage. >> that's the truth. good luck to you and yours. i hope this works out.
12:50 pm
we'll find out what happened here. doug aldrige from the neighborhood that blew up. thank you. joy thank you. -- >> thank you. here is a weird one. you want to lose weight, right? pepsi says it has a soda or a pop that will fight fat. it is a promise of a brand-new pepsi product. don't drop your gym membership just yet. that's a diet pepsi can. but this other one is supposed to help you drop weight? not that one, the one blue can will not do that. hang on.
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go ahead and eat all you want this turkey day, just make sure you have a pepsi.
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the soft drink giant has launched what it calls a fat fighting soda. you can run to the store and look for it if you want, but you can only find it if you are watching us in japan. that's the only place they are selling it. it is a new soda that contains some sort of dietary fiber that the folks at pepsi say can block your body from absorbing fat. here is the commercial from japan. a company's statement says it can keep dangerous try glis rides at bay after a big meal. health experts are already questioning these claims in a big way. you should not expect to find the stuff state side anytime soon. federal health officials frown upon companies adding nutrients to candy or soda in an attempt to make the snack seem healthy. lisa is with us now. she is at the university of hospitals it says. is that right? >> university hospitals case
12:55 pm
medical center. >> that makes more sense. sodas with fibers to fight fat. it seems hoe cuss poe cuss, stupid. >> it does. and you took the words right out of my mouth. what they are really doing here is extrapolating the data. we know fiber is good for you. we know foods that are naturally high in fiber can help with weight loss. but that does not mean that then taking the fiber and adding it to things like soda will make them a weight loss product. >> why not? >> well, so to lose weight we heard it time and time again we have to take in less calories than you burn. so the type of fiber that they are adding to this soda we have no good research showing that it makes our bodies not absorb fa the or burn more calories or even that it can help with cholesterol levels.
12:56 pm
it is foods like oats that has naturally occurring sol -- soluable fiber and the fiber in fruits and vegetables can make you feel full thus eat less and lose weight. >> eat fruits and vegetables and do more exercising and layoff the pepsi? >> this is true. you said it in a nutshell. >> it is a great idea. i have to have some pepsi now and then, but all things in moderation. >> exactly. every now and then it is fine. just don't expect to find a magic pill or magic potion. >> lisa, thank you very much. andora would come up with it. the witch certainly would.
12:57 pm
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breaking news now on fox newschannel. if there was a one-hour or so cooling off period with no exclusions it is over. our jerusalem bureau confirmed there were explosions in the gaza strip. secretary of state clinton is toe
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